Final Fix for Incident 525

Incident 525 was an issue in 2019 that caused some VX and e355 payment terminals, which utilize CommServer software, to continuously reboot. The issue began affecting some terminals on 5/25/2019. 

As of December 2019, Verifone provided the final software fix to all of its processors and ISOs who were affected. Many have pushed the software updates to their merchant estates. 

Please follow the instructions below to confirm whether your terminal(s) has been updated, or if you need to reach out to your processor/ISO to receive the update. Note: Unlike previous temporary fixes for Incident 525, most end merchants cannot implement this fix via the terminal. The software must be pushed to your terminal from your processor or ISO.

Payment terminals affected by Incident 525 must be updated by April 30, 2020, to avoid re-entering a reboot loop.

What was Incident 525?

Why do I need to ensure this final software update is implemented?

Our records indicate that your terminal(s) was affected by Incident 525 last year, and you registered on our portal for the previous short-term fixes. We have emailed you to inform you that the final software update for Incident 525 is now available.

Verifone advises that your Processor or ISO must complete the upgrade of your impacted estate of terminals to the latest version of software components (which includes CommServer) no later than April 30, 2020 to ensure terminals do not re-enter a reboot loop. This software must be updated even if you have previously utilized the manual “DHEAP” process or downloaded the “Verifone Removes Certificates Utility."

How do I know if I need this final software update?

Follow the chart below to find out if you are affected:

Did your terminal get stuck in a reboot loop on 5/25/2019 or later, or do you have one of the terminals listed above?


Affected terminals running CommServer versions prior to 5.4.4 or 4.9.3

VX 680

VX 820
VX 820 Duet

VX 520

VX 805

VX 690






Is your terminal(s) on any version of CommServer prior to 5.4.4 or 4.9.3?




Your terminal is good. No action required!


Contact your Processor or ISO to request a software update prior to April 30, 2020. Your ISO/Processor's phone number is typically found on a label on the side or back/bottom of your payment device. If you can't find it there, please check your last settlement report or bill, which should have the company's contact information.

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Terminals running CommServer versions prior to version 5.4.4, or the VX 680 and VX 820 Duet running SoftPay with Comm Server prior to 4.9.3, could be affected. VX terminals (VX 520, VX 805, VX 820, VX 820 Duet, VX 680, VX 690 and VX 675) and e Series terminals (e315, e315m, e335, e355) with CommServer software prior to version 5.4.4 or 4.9.3 could also be impacted by this issue.

Pictures of potentially affected terminals:

Action Required


Your terminal is good. No action required!

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