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Alipay is a mobile app that turns a smartphone into a digital wallet

Tap into a growing market


China is our second largest visitor market with around 400,000 visitors spending over $1.2 billion each year in New Zealand.

International Students

More than half of the visas issued to study in New Zealand last year were granted to Chinese students.


Statistics New Zealand predicts our Chinese population could increase to 370,000 by 2025.

China is the biggest mobile payment market in the world and Alipay has the biggest market share with over 870 million Chinese users worldwide

By 2023 Chinese tourists are expected to spend

$4.3 billion annually in New Zealand

Upgrade to Alipay acceptance with an easy remote download to your existing terminal

Dynamic QR code displays on your terminal - simple for you and your customers to use

Compatible with Point of Sale integrated terminals

Free POS signage to attract Alipay wallet holders

Offer a great customer experience to Alipay wallet holders

 Get your marketing content set-up on the app, including translation, for free

We make Alipay acceptance easy

Enter Purchase Details

Enter the transaction details into your terminal. Your customer selects Alipay on the present card screen to pay with Alipay.

Customer scans QR code

The terminal will display a QR code for your customer to scan.

Customer authorises transaction

Your customer scans the QR code using their phone. The app converts the transaction amount into Yuan and the customer views and authorises the transaction in the Alipay app. 

How does it work?

Transaction complete

When the transaction is confirmed the customer is notified via the app and you are notified via your terminal.

Leverage the big data of the Alibaba ecosystem to accurately segment and drive offers to your target market before, during, and after their trip to New Zealand

Marketing with Alipay


Users can claim your coupons before they even leave China. Once they're here, the app notifies them when they are near your store.


Share a description of your products and services, plus coupons and promotional offers with a targeted group of shoppers. 


 52% of users who claim coupons on the Alipay Discover Platform become shoppers.


Drive your new customers to your website so they continue to purchase from you once they return home.

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