Enhanced Zone Router (EZR) will sunset on October 17, 2021.

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EZR EOSL Bulletin  |  04.7.2021

V E R I F O N E ' S   N E W   M N S P   P R O G R A M

A simplified solution with multiple choices, while ultimately staying in control

Reduce Complexities

With the new MNSP program, reduce the number of boxes/complexity of the solution.

Streamline and Simplify

Less vendors to deal with for networking. Streamline your efforts by knowing who to call if you are unable to connect.

Make Changes Easily

Ease of adding new routes to and from the POS including Loyalty, Gift Card, Back Office and others

W H I T E   P A P E R   F O R   D O W N L O A D

The Verifone Managed Network Service Provider Certification Program

Verifone’s Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) Certification Program is designed to enable certified Managed Network Service Providers to market their network management solution to convenience retailers using Verifone’s Commander platform. 

The result of this program is a choice for Verifone POS customers to select the MNSP partner that best supports their unique requirements.

H O W   I T   W O R K S

Making site level networking better and more straightforward for our customers.

Get started today, get in touch with us.

Three Key Components to the Program

  1. Replacing Enhanced Zone Router with an Edge Device from an approved Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP)
  2. Connection from Verifone to site is through the MNSP's service
  3. Certification process and template ensures parity with existing functionality through transition

Three Elements Verifone is Certifying

  1. Certify that Edge Device properly handles POS Zone routing
  2. Certify secure connection to Verifone for Help Desk connectivity
  3. Certify installation and support processes

The entire PCI-DSS environment is under the complete control of the customer, using vendors the customer has direct relationships with

Program ensures both Verifone and the partner are complying with applicable PCI standards

Entire store network visible through MNSP device—improves service for scanning and other compliance vendors

The program positions both Verifone and the Partner to easily adapt to coming changes in security and network based feature additions (cloud tools, wireless transactions, etc.)

M E R C H A N T   L E V E L   O F   C O N T R O L

Stay in control of your PCI Compliance

The New MNSP Program Architecture

Verifone connects to the site through an established connection with each MNSP

The MNSP's edge device replaces the EZR as the router for the POS VLAN

How to Get Started

*Select a Certified Managed Network Provider and Program approved by your major oil brand or processor network 

Partner with the MNSP on a "switchover" plan—could include re-using MNSP equipment already on-site and re-purposing the EZR as switch

MNSP completes switchover of site—notifies Verifone as part of switchover

Verifone now begins to provide help desk services for the site through MNSP network

*Contact your major oil partner to identify which MNSPs are approved for installation

MNSP Partners

F I E L D   R E A D Y












M N S P   P A R T N E R S   C O M I N G   S O O N

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Review these FAQ's

When to contact Verifone?

Contact Verifone for any support issues related to your Commander, Topaz, Ruby2 software or hardware.

When to contact your MNSP?

Contact your Managed Network Service Provider when your site network is down, if you have any issues with store-level networking equipment or issues with connectivity to remote hosts.

How can I maximize my EZR investment?

You may opt to decommission your Enhanced Zone Router (EZR) by utilizing the process developed by Verifone and Cybera and turn it into an unmanaged switch. This entire process will be managed by the MNSP as part of the conversion from the EZR to the MNSP serving as the Zone Router.

What does the process involve?

  • Requesting and downloading new EZR firmware
  • Logging into EZR Web Configuration Utility
  • Browsing to a new tab on the Web Configuration Utility
  • Activating a Decomissioning Process by Pushing a Decommissioning  Software Button

NOTE: Decommissioning is a one-way process; once an EZR has been decommissioned it cannot be turned back into an EZR.

How does Verifone track the conversion of a site from an Enhanced Zone Router to an MNSP-certified device and connection?

As part of the certified conversion process we get a daily report from each MNSP partner of all sites that they have converted. This ensures that when our help desk goes to connect to the site they know which partner’s service to connect through.

Does an installation of an MNSP device and activation of an MSNP program require a Verifone Authorized Service Technician?

As VASC is not required for an MNSP-certified device installation or program activation. Each MNSP has their own requirements for installation and activation. Many MNSP-certified providers are using VASC companies for their installations. Many retailers are choosing to implement MNSP devices at the same time they convert to outdoor EMV and are leveraging the same technician for both. Each MNSP can provide a list of their installation partners.

How long will the EZR be supported in the field? 

Verifone announced an EZR sunset date of April 17th 2021. Conversion to an MNSP-certified device and program is a requirement to activate Outdoor EMV on all Commander systems. 

Are MNSP routing solutions required for Outdoor EMV installations?

Yes, a MNSP router must be installed for Outdoor EMV Installations.  This can be done prior to or during the outdoor EMV conversion.  Click here to learn more about Verifone's Outdoor EMV status.

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